Escape Reality

Welcome everyone to Hollow World Writing.
An apex of Hollow World Entertainment, and the central hub for all short stories written by N.B.Baker.

This website is a short story website that has an exclusive catalog of stories, all written within the same extended multi-verse.

There are over 150 stories currently, and the catalog grows larger every year it is active.

All the writing on this website started when I was plagued by vivid nightmares, and dreams. I kept a dream journal, and before long I noticed connections. While the dreams themselves were different, they shared locations, and characters within them. So I started to compile them all and create a world to write about. Since then, I have expanded from one Deity, and one planet, to a full pantheon of Deities, interacting with a myriad of planets, all contained within an expansive multi-verse, which I call an Eterna-verse, because it is just a little bit different.

Archives: Take you to a the full collection of writing, organized by  order of release.
Worlds: Take you to a brief description of each world with an option to read more in-depth.
Social Media: Shows the links, and how each social media platform is used.

This website is constantly being updated with new information, and stories. So please expect to see more information on most pages as time goes along, and a new story at least once a week.