Escape Reality

Greetings all and welcome to the Hollow-verse.

Here at the Hollow World Entertainment website you will find an extensive catalog of short stories all written by one author.
The writing follows a new born Deity known as Anodyne.
The majority of the stories are brief windows into the lives of those who live on one of the many planets he has created, each one in their own universe.
The other stories Follow Anodyne, as he travels the Eterna-verse, finding other deities, oddities, and all the chaos the eterna-verse has to offer. 

By visiting the Worlds tab in the main menu you can read a brief description of the worlds I write for, and the genres they embody.

My writing is used for me to work through how I feel about the world, and to deal with my own issues.
The stories you read will range from topical issues, mental health, and my own confusion at this world personified through fantastical stories.
I hope you enjoy.