Welcome to Enter The Hollow, a Short story platform that will transport you to extraordinary realms beyond your wildest dreams. Our collection of worlds spans across a vast array of genres, from the eerie and unsettling to the fantastical and otherworldly.

Embark on a journey through Earth24-Y, a parallel Earth that teems with supernatural horrors and eldritch terrors lurking around every corner. Explore the mysteries of Excress, a world where humans have died out and small vegetation has gained sentience. Brave the dark and treacherous realm of Hollow, where nightmares are born and monsters roam free.

In Dolor, experience a world steeped in myth and legend, where gods and heroes vie for power and glory. Journey to the technologically advanced world of bellude, where space-faring adventurers battle alien threats and explore the unknown reaches of the universe.

And if that’s not enough, Enter the Hollow is constantly updating its collection of stories with new worlds that defy the laws of physics and reality. With each world boasting its own unique lore, creatures, and challenges, Enter The Hollow promises an endless stream of thrilling adventures and captivating stories. Join us now and discover the boundless possibilities that await in our multiverse of wonder and terror.