Escape Reality

Greetings all and welcome to the Hollow-verse.

Here at the Hollow World Entertainment website you will find a slue of short stories all written by one author.
The writing follows a new born Deity known as Anodyne.
The majority of the stories are brief windows into the lives of those who live on one of the four planets he has created.
While the others follow him, and those he works with as they struggle to figure out the purpose of their own lives.

By visiting the Worlds tab in the main menu you can read a brief description of the worlds I write for, and the genres they embody.

My writing is used for me to work through how I feel about the world, and to deal with my own issues.
The stories you read will range from topical issues, mental health, and my own confusion at this world personified through fantastical stories.
I hope you enjoy. 

About me, the Author

Welcome to my website, my name is Nicholas, otherwise known as Anodyne, or Banickker.
I am going to assume you think the above photo is a joke for a laugh, but in reality it an accurate representation of me.
I work in the film industry, (6-7 days a week) then on top of that I try to maintain a social life, spend time with my partner, have my alone time,
and do all the things I need to do to maintain my writing.
I am writing 2,000 + words a week, collaborating, volunteering for others, designing a board game, managing attached projects, and this is all in addition to the other work I am doing for film.
I don’t want you to see a smiling image of me with perfect hair and a commercial grin.
I am tired.
I am stressed.
I am stretched thin.
But this is my passion, and I will not let something as small as the desire for comfort hold me back.

I want to provide people with free content that they can enjoy and talk about with others.
My writing is written with open ended questions, loose ends, and endings that feel like beginnings.
I don’t want simple short stories about my universes, I want stories that leave you questioning what happened, what is to happen, and how it all connects.
If I do my job right, you will spend most of your time thinking about my worlds, as opposed to reading my stories.
I want to inspire others to live in their imagination.

I want everyone who reads my writing
Escape Reality