HollowDay – Saulson

Through a thin veil of unseen energy, the world of Hollow resides just a stone’s throw from Earth, but their preparations are slightly different to those of Earth. Where Earthlings ran with desperation, the Holites ran with determination. Hollow eve had just started and with morning light Anodyne was seen flying off into the sky like he does every year. With that the signals were lit, all cities contacted, and the preparations had begun.

The Holites had mere hours to set up the entirety of the soul fire parade, in preparation for the deity Bea’tality. One of the largest tasks is to receive Humans from earth and show them around, for a cost of course.

Saulson was one of the most invested into the holiday, every year he dressed up in traditional wears of animal bones and streams of flame coloured cloth. While others took their time to give humans tours for the price of crystals Saulson dedicated his time to his deity of choice, Bea’tality.

As soon as the signal that Anodyne had left planet was sounded Saulson was on the street heading to his local dealer. Emotion drugs are one of the most powerful drugs on the market and everyone has at least some for this event. Although most know a supplier Saulson knew where to go to get the raw drug from the source.

Saulson never adorns his body with his traditional dress until Hollow day officially starts. He needs to be as un encumbered as possible so he can move around the city of Rem with ease. Darting down back alleys he quickly finds his man.

“Hey Fetayne, you got what I am looking for?”

“Oh shit is it that time of year again? Man you know I always have the best shit. Let me finish this cigarette, can’t really smoke in there you know.”

Saulson lent up against one of the smoke stained brick walls, waiting for his friend to finish up.

“So tell me, how is it you make your happy? You are the number one in Rem, number one in the largest city that is capital to the fucking planet and drugs. How the fuck do you get that edge?”

Taking a long drag to finish his cigarette Fetayne chuckled, “come on in I will get your shit.”

“I will get the information one day.”

“No, you won’t. Wait here.”

Saulson waited as Fetayne greeted another man, they talked in hush and exchanged money. The new man turned to walk off revealing an anti-Hunter tattoo. Looking back at Fetayne he got the signal to follow.

“That is what I like about you Saulson, you know your place in this world. You may ask questions but you don’t expect answers, for that I will always get you the freshest and the best.”

“Hey man, I am here for some happy, I don’t care how it is made. Unless of course I can make it for cheaper.”

They both laughed as they arrived into a large room filled with massive barrels of coloured liquids.

“This is where the magic happens.”

“Oh, shit I have never seen this part of your set up, I must be moving up in the world.”

The two of them walked down the line, each passing barrel had a different colour and a different smell. Upon reaching the end of the line Saulson recognised a familiar smell.

“Oh shit that is some fresh Happy. Hey do you really sell the other emotions much? Like who the hell wants sad?”

“Yea man, don’t forget people are willing to do most things when they are sad. Each emotion has its place, some are usually used on others but some are good for taking yourself. Just got to find the right application.”

“Damn, so is this the shit I will be getting.” Saulson felt the side of the barrel with his hand. “Still warm, please say I get this fresh shit.”

“Na man, that man I talked to said he has me some more supplies. I will get a runner to send you out a hot batch. That stuff will burn as it goes down but damn the high is unreal.”

Saulson gave a slight bow towards Fetayne. “This is why you are the top my friend.”

Another chuckle escaped Fetayne’s lips. “Bowing may be a sign of respect out there, in here it don’t mean shit so save your back. Now drop the cash and fuck off, I got work to do.”

Saulson dropped a large pile of notes into Fetayne’s hand, he in turn took a few and gave them back before he walked off deeper into the complex.

“I owe you one man.”

“Dangerous words down here friend.”

Saulson packed away his cash before leaving the way he came, straight back into the alley from where he came.

“Alright the drugs are sorted I just need finish up my outfit. Fortunately, I have some spare cash to do it with.”

Saulson made his way back to the main streets where they were already heavily decorated, hundreds of people running around trying to sort everything out for the next day. Food stalls had already moved in selling their goods, and all around were those in their costumes decorating the streets.

“Fuck, I get dressed early this year. Just need some antlers and I am done, shops then home. Once I am done I should have a couple of hours to get to the central square.”

With great haste Saulson got what he needed to finish his outfit and returned home as fast as his legs would allow him. On the way back to his house he already had to fight the crowds of costumed Holites that were heading to the centre of town.

“Fuck I need to get sorted quick.” He panted out as he made his way to his home.

In his home he finished the world fastest conversion to a costume that had been known to man, then dressed himself with utmost haste.

His head was consumed by a bear skull with antlers attached to the head, and lower jaw hung under chin, his back had war banner frames stretching out with coloured cloth attached to look like flame, his back covered in a cape made from small bones. His left shoulder had a dolphin skull strapped down, and in his left hand he held a staff made from an elephant’s rib and adorned with bird skulls.

Saulson was one of the greatest designers of costumes, each year he is revered as one of the top. Where most simply where the skull hat he goes all out to show his dedication to Bea’tality.

With his costume attached he headed out the door and  towards town centre where he hoped to gain the blessing of his deity.