Dolor is a high fantasy world filled with magic and intrigue. The surface of the world is over run with a diverse range of races, that claim the planets even more varied terrain. But deep down there are hidden locations and specialized races that hide secrets below the planets surface.


Dolor is covered with a wide variety of species that inhabit the surface, oceans, and even within the world itself. Each species has claimed their piece of Dolor with a variety of tactics. Some took their land by being present before other races, others by conquest, some forged alliances to hold their land, some because they were the only ones able to survive in the strange or toxic environments.


Magic is gained through rigorous study of language. When one understands what a word means, and how it applies to the culture that made it, you can use it to cast spells.

Because of this, multiple languages can have the same spell, but have the effects of the spell be different, depending on the cultures involved.

Two cultures may be able to cast a simple fire-bolt, but the outcome of the spell may vary. Color, intensity, size, speed, mana spent, lingering damage, are just some variables that can change from species to species. It is important to know and understand the enemies you are fighting, otherwise you may get hit with a spell you thought you knew, but in reality it does things you would not expect.